In the Media

I’m often asked to provide a quote or information for writers researching articles and books on tech subjects–a lot of the times on games and the games business. Here’s some recent mentions and quotes in the media:

Interview with ScottBonnie (ScottBonnie, 2016)

The Future Of Virtual Reality Might Be Present (Forbes, 2015)

Interview with Gaming Insiders (Gaming Insiders, 2015)

Virtual Reality Changes the Game for Developers (Get in Media, 2015)

Virtual Reality Is Still Far from Reality (Vice, 2014)

Cloud Storage for Business: 37 Cloud Experts Reveal the Top Cloud Storage Mistakes They See Companies Make (Docurated 2014)

Aggression In Video Games Not Caused By Violent Content (Benzinga. April 11, 2014)

How does Google monetize Glass applications? (Glassers. February 12th, 2014)

Passing out business cards is quickly becoming passé (LA Times. March 16, 2012)

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