Ever see these mystery dots in a Flash CS5 app?

So I encountered what I think is a new issue in Flash CS5. The mystery loading dots. Check the screenshot in this post.

If you ever see this weird black screen with what appears to be white loading dots cycling left to right (and you sure as hell know you didn’t actually write a pre-loader) then you probably have added an asset to your library that doesn’t have the fonts embedded properly. (And you don’t have the fonts on your system)

I couldn’t find any reference to this on the web–I think it has to do with the changes Adobe made to Flash’s font embedding system in CS5. In ye olden days, you’d just see the wrong font. I kind of liked that problem better.

Anyway, this seems to be a brand new but simple problem.

Maybe this is well known in CS5 circles, but it’s the first time I’ve ever seen it!

Weird cycling loading dots seen in a Flash CS5 app

Mystery Dots

3 thoughts on “Ever see these mystery dots in a Flash CS5 app?

  1. Do you know how to fix the font embedding problem? I am currently having this issue and would like to resolve it. I’m using Myriad Pro which I think is a pretty standard font?

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