Make apps out of Facebook features that used to be good

Hey, want a new startup idea? Try making an app out of a Facebook feature that used to be good, but now sucks. That worked for Instragram–and a number of photo sharing startups.

I don’t know about you, but when I first got on Facebook (in 2006 because U-Mass Lowell was too cheap to give edu addresses to alumni) my favorite feature was picture sharing. I liked seeing what my friends did on vacation, or weird scenes they captured on their mobile phone, etc.

Today, I still occasionally get pictures in my newsfeed–but in general they are submerged under a sea of spam from place check-ins, fan page updates, game wall posts, and other junk. Despite efforts to clamp down on irrelevant spam posts from apps, the sheer amount of content able to be shared on Facebook means most likely your newsfeed is filled with stuff you have no interest in.

Enter Instragram.

Now I can get back to doing what I liked about Facebook in the beginning–photo sharing. It’s pretty simple: browse a feed of ONLY pictures, read/post comments, and share your own pictures. You can also hook your Instagram posts back into Facebook or Twitter for the mundanes to experience. Not that I have to explain this, I’m sure you trendy hipsters already use it far more than I do.*

So, what other Facebook features did you used to like before everyone got on it and started cluttering up your newsfeed with nonsense? It might be worth examining a piece of Facebook functionality that could be sliced off and developed into a full-fledged app.

Of course, don’t ask me how you’re supposed to make money from this.

* I barely use Instagram. But my trendy hipster friends seem to really love it.

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