Can’t Miss Email Bulletins

My last post focused on the evilness of email notifications and how they are destroying email once again. I figured I’d drop quick note with a brief list of newsletters delivered via email notifications I read religiously instead of filtering to oblivion:

Appside Bulletin

I was a religious reader of the previous incarnation of Apps Bulletin, Stuart Dredge’s iPhone Games Bulletin. Stuart has since expanded it to cover books, music, and other sectors of the increasingly vast world of apps. This is a great way to keep up to date on how apps are transforming all industries–from print journalism to games. I never miss an update.

This Week in Social Games

Dubit is a British developer of social games and virtual worlds, including their own middleware solution. However, it is their weekly newsletter on social games I never miss. It consists links to 3 or 4 of the absolute best articles about the design and development of social games in a convenient list. I can’t recommend this bulletin enough.

CTIA SmartBrief

CTIA SmartBrief is a somewhat stuffy daily newsletter about the mobile industry. It’s slightly less interesting now that phones have become ubiquitous computing devices. You can get mobile news almost anywhere. Still, this newsletter is a great way to keep up to date on mobile industry minutiae such as carrier financials, spectrum auctions, and other details. It’s still annoying how they capitalizes the ‘I’ in iPhone if it’s the first word in a headline.

Be Slightly Evil

Venkatesh Rao is one of my blogging heroes due to his creation of the absolutely genius Gervais Principle. His email newsletter furthers his study into the social mechanics of sociopathic success. There’s occasional nuggets of wisdom here although I must say I’ve been merely skimming most of his later posts.

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