National Caramel Popcorn Day

Tech has become rather boring lately. It’s quiet. Too quiet. We’re ripe for disruption at some point. Until that happens, let’s focus on something important: like caramel corn.

Did you know April 6th is National Caramel Popcorn day here in the US?

Those who follow me on Instagram may have noticed my penchant for Japanese snacks. Whenever I visit Japan I try to stop in as many kombinis as possible to experience the latest in snackery. In fact, one of my most popular YouTube videos is a mere walk-through inside Japanese FamilyMart.

To mark this important event, I figured I’d write an ode to my favorite Japanese snack, Tohato’s Caramel Corn.

Tohato is a rather hip Japanese snack company with a small array of products. Although, they do have a few other treats that I like, their Caramel Corn product seems to be the flagship.

The original Caramel Corn flavor is just that: caramel flavored corn snacks with peanuts. Keep in mind this isn’t caramel corn as we are used to in the West; caramel coated popcorn. No, these are U-shaped corn formations saturated with some kind of artificial caramel substance.

A piece of Caramel Corn

A piece of Caramel Corn

Much like Japanese Kit-Kats, the amazing minds at Tohato have produced a number of weird and wacky flavors, including limited edition exclusives. Despite the fact that these flavor breakthroughs aren’t based on caramel and the corn merely exists as a vehicle for artificial flavoring, they are still marketed under the “Caramel Corn” banner.

I often reminisce about the Summer of 2010 when Tohato released Ramune flavor Caramel Corn. Ramune is a Japanese soft drink similar in flavor to Sprite. Ramune Caramel Corn came in an unearthly glowing blue hue and tasted like a mutant Froot Loop. It was glorious.

Here’s a photo of my latest haul during a recent trip to Nijiya Market in West Los Angeles. I can’t read Japanese, so the fun of discovery involves trying to guess what the flavor is from the packaging and then tasting it.



For those less adventurous, you can Google Translate Tohato’s Caramel Corn page. Looks like they have a limited edition boiled egg flavor! I need to track that down. Unless one of my Japanese readers might want to send me a pack. You never know, Brick Buddies is big in Japan.

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