Extremely Rapid Prototyping Tools Part 2

It’s been awhile since my last post on extremely rapid prototyping tools. So I figured I’d list a few gems I’ve discovered along the way. A lot of times having the right tools to create placeholder content, find clip art, or other resources can get you over the hump when trying to create a quick prototype. Here’s some tools that can help.


A Placeholder!

When laying out HTML/CSS, or otherwise mocking up interfaces, sometimes you need placeholder icons, pictures, and other bitmaps. I discovered this incredibly simple to use and absolutely ingenious site awhile back, placehold.it, which does just that. You simply pass the dimensions of the bitmap to the URL like placehold.it/350×150 and it will create a bitmap of that size. Why didn’t I think of this?


Need temp music for your game but don’t want to find a composer or pay for library tracks? Easy, use autotracker. This free python script will create surprisingly good randomly generated chiptune music in IT tracker format. This is a very compact format that can be used directly in engines such as Unity or converted to MP3 or WAV files. It even randomly generates a name for each composition.

sfxr / Cfxr / Bfxr

Need sounds for your prototype? These open source tools will create randomly generated 8-bit style sound effects using tunable parameters and sound types (power up, damage, jump, etc.) I find the quality of the flash version, Bfxr, to be the best. Especially if you are doing a retro 8-bit style game, as so many neckbeardy hipsters are, these sounds are good enough for production use too. I’ve been toying around with the idea of porting it to C# as a Unity3D editor extension.

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