About Ralph

I’m a game developer, speaker, and entrepreneur.  I’ve been developing games professionally since 1995 and continue to do so with my company FLARB LLC.  I’ve been building games and apps for mobile devices since 2001 and do most of my mobile work today in Unity3D.  I have taken one startup through a Startup Accelerator program which served as a great education in startup finance, operations, and fundraising.  Right now, I’m working with augmented reality and virtual reality technologies as well as bridging the physical and digital worlds with app/toy hybrids.

Some project highlights…

VRLA Holographic Easter Egg Hunt: A mixed reality Easter egg hunt built in cooperation with VRLA and Microsoft.

Ether Wars: A mixed reality RTS developed exclusively for HoloLens.

A Day at the Museum: A mixed reality museum tour application for HoloLens. This won the Best Visual Design award at the 2016 Los Angeles HoloHacks event. Built with an impromptu team over a period of 48 hours.

InnAR Wars: a multiplayer augmented reality space real time strategy game using Google’s Project Tango tablet as a platform for advanced AR gaming.

Designed, built and published Caldera Defense, a Virtual Reality tower defense shooter on Gear VR. Now available as a free download in the Gear VR store.

Currently building Ether Drift:  a series of designer toys that exist as both physical figurines and digital characters in games and apps.

Creator of the world’s most advanced brick simulator Brick Buddies™.

And the world’s first mobile bird watching game, Camera Birds!

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Oh, and back in the day, I wrote two books on mobile game development.