In addition to this blog, I occasionally guest post on others, as well as write articles and books.  Here’s a few examples.

We Need The Greatest Generation of Gamers To Save The Future Of Gaming (Kotaku, 2013)

Wireless Game Development in C/C++ with BREW (Wordware, 2003)

Wireless Game Development In Java With MIDP 2.0 (Wordware, 2004)

Games on the Run: Comparing J2ME and BREW for Wireless Gaming (Gamasutra, 2002)

One thought on “Writing

  1. hello Ralph.

    please could you give me a little advice on the 3D map markers. i have a plane with my google map being generated onto it. that all works fine… i have it finding my location and have markers set up inside the texture with Long/Lat coordinates and can center these on screen via a dropdown panel. i have both scripts mapUtils and MeshPixel… do these go on my plane or on an empty object in the scene… also the line

    Vector2 uv = new Vector2((float)myMarkers.pixelCoords.x / (float)GetComponent().material.mainTexture.width, 1f – (float)myMarkers.pixelCoords.y / (float)GetComponent().material.mainTexture.height);

    where does it actually go? inside my googlemap script? in the meshpixel script? not to clear…
    would really appreciate your help with this as there are no clear answers out there.
    maybe a little youtube video could help out a lot of people struggling with the same thing…

    thank you for your time… mark

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